Movie Magician by Brad Burt

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This is a truly unique magic effect. Imagine that you have a friend select a playing card. The card is placed back in the deck and the deck is now set aside.

You remove a small plastic 'thing-a-majig' with a small lens and an on/off button. Your assistant now looks into the lens and pushes the on button and this is what they see.....

A movie begins....A REAL MOVIE!!! Out walks a gentleman who removes a jumbo playing card and displays it openly to the audience....NOPE, it is NOT the selected card! The tiny magician wags his head in disappointment and then pops open the classic black top hat of conjuring fame and produces from inside a silk handkerchief with the image of a playing card. And, yes, it IS the correct card!

This is fun and easy to do. Everything you need to know is in the instructions! A very limited supply left. Comes with the player, thin mini film cartridge and full instructions!