The Barcelona Swindle by Jahn Gallo

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Effect: The Barcelona Swindle is Jahn Gallo's personalized McDonald's Aces routine for the stage!
The McDonald's Aces has been around since the days of Hofzinser, the father of modern card magic (credited as the inventor of double-face cards). All the elements of the routine appear in Ottokar Fischer's 1910 collection of Hofzinser's work.

J.N. Hofzinser, Theodore Deland, Larry Pringle, Jon W. "Mac" One-Arm Mcdonald, Dai Vernon, Ken Krenzel and many other magicians around the world have created their own versions of this concept. Now, Jahn Gallo offers his personalized multi-phased routine for the stage! Watch your audience's eyes bulge as the four aces miraculously vanish from where they once were, only to travel mysteriously to the fourth and final pile (previously shown as indifferent cards)!

The Barcelona Swindle comes to you with the very special Anglo Giant Cards, which, although smaller in size to accomodate ease of handling, sport pips that are larger than normal jumbo cards' indexes! You also receive a special CD-ROM that takes you through all the ins and outs of performing this routine. On the CD-ROM, you will see videos of both the performance and explanation, enabling you to perform this routine in no time!

Includes Anglo Cards (5" x 3 1/2") and CD-Rom with video in ".wmv" format*