Inner Secrets of Professional Magic by Paul Daniel DVD (Open Box)

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Not sealed and may have scratches but still playable.

For the first time ever, Paul teaches many of the routines and effects he is famous for. Includes the classic force (even behind your back), the boomerang band, and many coin and card tricks.

Complete listing…

  • The boomerang rubber band (A real crowd pleaser that seems impossible)
  • The penetrating rubber band (Paul’s twist on this classic makes it far more baffling)
  • The classic force (One of Paul’s trademarks, the ultimate way of forcing a card)
  • The sloppy classic force (Paul gives tips on how to make it look completely random)
  • The classic force behind your back (At last, Paul reveals the method for doing this seemingly ‘impossible’ force)
  • Knot in the Rope (Audiences love this one, and its a feature of Paul’s live shows)
  • Knot in the Tie (Paul shows that you don’t have to use rope)
  • The Double Lift (Paul demonstrates his preferred, natural method)
  • The color changing cards (The method Paul has adopted is a real fooler)
  • The toss vanish (Great fun for entertaining kids, but every magician should learn it as a basic)
  • Napkin vanishing coin (A super baffling method that is little known amongst magicians)
  • Also includes: Paul’s vanishing coin routine, Changing the face on a bank note and
    Tips on practicing

A packed hour of first-class teaching.