Side-Fx by by Scott Tokar and Harrison J. Carroll DVD (Open Box)

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Not sealed and may have scratches but still playable.

The last time someone tried mixing magic and medicine they were called a witch doctor. No more! Through Side-Fx, Scott and Harrison will teach you how to become a modern-day "clinican magician"!

By adding a few clinically relevant, simple magical effects and illusions to your practice, you will learn how to reduce anxiety, break the ice, and build patient rapport. Best of all, the only props you'll need to perform Side-Fx are common objects found in any exam room, clinic, or hospital!

Included on this jam-packed DVD are:

  • Magical entrances - Float off the ground before entering a room!
  • 45-second Ear, Nose and Throat Exam - A motivated and magical way to conduct the exam.
  • Dime through Glove - A dime mysteriously penetrates an exam glove.
  • It Floats! - A swab levitates, vanishes, and then reappears.
  • Cut and Restored Stethoscope - you cleanly cut a stethoscope with your scissors, and then restore it in your patient's hands.
  • Finger Off Glove - Pop a finger off an inflated glove, and then magically reattach it!
  • Quarter and Penny - A quarter and penny travel invisibly from your hand to your pocket.
  • Coin through Handkerchief - A coin effortlessly penetrates right through a solid handkerchief.
  • Leaping Band-Aid - A bandage, stuck firmly on your skin, jumps from finger to finger.
  • Needle through Glove - Penetrate an inflated glove with a needle -- it doesn't pop!
  • Peter Cottontail - Cotton balls jump to and then multiply in the patient's hand!

Clinically Relevant Effects:

  • Break the Ice
  • Build Patient Rapport
  • Relieve Exam Anxiety
  • Reduce Stress
  • Motivate Patients
  • Challenge and Entertain
  • Expedite Exam Time
  • Add Magic & Wonder

Take two chattering teeth and call me in the morning.