Anytime Anywhere by Jay Sankey DVD (Open Box)

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Not sealed and may have scratches but still playable.

For years, magicians and mentalists have been asking Jay about his unreleased impromptu work. Now on this very special DVD, Jay shares a mind-blowing collection of 34 routines, the vast majority of which have never before appeared in print, on video or DVD.

34 astounding magic and mentalist effects with borrowed keys, coins, business cards, paper money, wooden matches, finger rings, playing cards, elastic bands, pens, cigarette packs, books, newspapers, paper matches, napkins and more!

Jay also shares the real work on such essential topics as the power of impromptu performances, combining magic and mentalism, magic with a borrowed deck, scripting, the importance of simplcity, and handling props within the impromptu setting.

Never again say, "Sorry, I didn't bring anything with me!"

Here are just a few of the 34 incredible effects...

Green Thumb: Jay's all-time favorite torn & restored signed card handling!

The Wager: Killer mentalism with borrowed coins! (You even borrow the prediction!)

Hypothesis Production: An ultra-casual three coin production that leaves audience speechless!

Solitary Confinement: Two spectators link thoughts and actions under impossible conditions!

Slow Motion Coins #2: The much streamlined handling of Jay's acclaimed coins across effect.

Soft Spot: A key melts on and off a borrowed key ring!

Inside Out: Jay finally tips the "real work" on this close-up classic including the never-before-revealed 2-phase handling!

Seed Money: A pair of coins change, not once, but TWICE!

Sight Unseen: You'll perform this lethal demonstration of "behind your back" paranormal ability EVERYWHERE!

Apparition: The card the spectator has in mind literally APPEARS in your empty hands! Guaranteed gasps!

The Perfect Switch: The ultimate coin switch for when the crowd is BURNING your hands!

Against All Odds: The magicians sends a thought to the spectator three times in a row!

Pawnbroker: A wildly magical transposition routine with just a coin and a ring!

Somebody Else's Money: The new king of commercial card effects!