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Back in May, Henry Harrius released the BEST vanishing bottle on the market today. Countless professional magicians agreeing with my statement have since the release, made this their go-to vanishing bottle. We have been asked by many people if they make this bottle in a more kid friendly version. After some research we found a pretty popular brand of soda, Jones Soda, has a very similar style bottle. So, instead of re-making what we believe is the the perfect bottle, we now have a child friendly add on to Refilled by Henry Harrius.

What you receive with a Complete Set:

1x Jones Cling Label (Attach to Refilled)

1x Jones Matching Vinyl Label (Attach to regular glass bottle)

1x Black Bottle Cap

Instructional Video on applying labels 

To ensure that these labels last as long as they possibly can, they have been printed on extremely strong vinyl as well as adding a clear UV top coat to every label which makes these nearly indestructible. Now you can enjoy using one of the best effects on the market today at all your family friendly shows!

*Bottles not included, click here to check out Refilled by Henry Harrius. This is not a Henry Harrius product, this is an add on Exclusively at Magic Shop San Diego.