Card On Shirt by Josh Sadowsky & Russell Lewis

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Effect: A card is freely selected from a regular deck. The spectator remembers the card and it is replaced in the deck. The deck is shuffled and the card is lost. The performer asks the spectator to simply say stop at any point in the deck. Spectator removes the selected card and confirms it is their card and it is still in the deck. The card is then returned to the deck, without the performer ever having seen the card. The deck is then turned face up and placed upon the table. The magician moves the cards with his fingertips until he reaches the spectator's card. Magician explains that the effect was quite easy since the chosen card was marked. The card is removed and turned over to reveal a different color back than the rest of the deck. The performer notices that the different back matches the card back printed on their shirt. Commenting on how the shirt must have subconsciously made them choose the selected card, magician turns around revealing that, in fact, the card is printed on the back of the shirt.

The T-shirt size is a Medium.