Election Night by Gary Ouellet

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Effect: The magician brings out a balloon in which can be seen a folded piece of paper, the magician's poll results. An experiment is proposed to check how good a pollster the magician might be. There are, explains the magician, two political parties vying for your vote: The Motherhood Party, which represents getting back to the same path of reason, and the Good Times Party, which wants to let them roll. Two spectators are selected, to act as official agent for each party. Appropriate political stickers are used to decorate these political volunteers. A third spectator is to act as chief returning officer, to supervise the vote. The magician then brings out a deck of ballots, suitably imprinted with the names and advertising logos of the parties. The Returning officer shuffles and distributes the ballots randomly, and the Agents count the results. Let's say that Motherhood wins by three votes. The officer bursts the balloon and reads out your prediction: Motherhood wins by 3! A real fooler, and very easy to do!