Grip Stick by Penguin Magic

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A must for every card magician. Hand-made in the P3 Workshop in Columbus Ohio, this is the same secret formula we've developed for ourselves. Available for the first time!

“As someone who uses roughing sticks all the time, I love the Grip Stick. It works GREAT” - David Jonathan

"The ultimate addition to every close-up case! I just used Extra Hold on location to make a gimmick I normally pay $20 for." - Michael Ammar

Take control of your card magic with a secret that the Penguin Magic Workshop has guarded for years. Grip Stick is a specially blended roughing stick created by the team at Penguin Magic. It is responsible for some of the most popular and effective rough and smooth effects brought to market over the last three years. Now, you can make your own gaffed cards with Grip Stick by Penguin Magic.

Grip Stick isn’t an ordinary roughing stick. Dozens of formulas, hundreds of tricks, and thousands of units have been tested to make sure that this roughing stick performs exactly the way magicians want. The Penguin Magic workshop team is responsible for making some of the best magic tricks on the planet and is constantly experimenting to push the envelope and make miracles into reality. That has resulted in two formulations so that you have complete control. You have come to know and love the standard formula in our rough and smooth based tricks. If you really need to ensure things are sticking, an Extra Hold formula is available to customize your decks to the exact feel you need for your effect.

In addition to the specialized formula you receive a detailed tutorial with Erik Tait. You’ll learn to make some of the most popular gaff decks, from The Invisible Deck to The Pop-Eyed Popper and Mirage Deck. You’ll also get some custom effects Erik has developed for work in his regular gigs. Each block of Grip Stick is good for making hundreds of cards, so you can let your creativity run wild. Take control of your card magic with Grip Stick by Penguin Magic.