Instrumental Magic Signature Series Magician's Music Kit Vol 2 by Richard Wayne

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Description: Your purchase of the Magician's Easy Edit Music Kit, Volume 2, will provide you with enough quality music (over 60 minutes of non-repeating music) that is free of BMI and ASCAP constraints to immediately enrich your magic performances. The Magician's Music Kit, Volume 2, consists of five parts. Each part is designed to allow you to CUT and PASTE a musical background for every act of your show.

  • Pre-Show Song - Broadway style show tune for pre-show use.
  • Fanfares - Professional voice-over introductions in English and Spanish.
  • Performance Music - Fourteen full-length, royalty-free, music pieces to enhance your magic performance.
  • Audience Chasers - Music while you are selecting volunteers from your audience.
  • Exit Music - Professional voice-over exit pieces in English and Spanish.

Includes a instruction manual and CD