Jaw Droppers Get Ready to Learn Magic DVD by Magic Makers

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Now it's your turn to amaze people! On this DVD you will learn incredible magic tricks with world famous actor and entertainer, Larry Anderson! The best part of all, is that it's easy to learn! So get ready to learn magic!

  • Two-Bit Penny Pincher
  • Crayon Clairvoyance
  • Twice Fooled
  • Shape-Shifting Silver
  • Touched by an Angel
  • Anti-Gravity Ring
  • Houdini Hanky
  • The Haunted Bill
  • The Mysterious Black Hole
  • Helicopter Bill
  • Do as I Do
  • Two on a Match
  • How the Key Card Works
  • Gotcha!

Bonus Svengali Deck Tricks

  • How the Svengali Deck Works
  • Somebody Stop Me
  • A Bottom Deal
  • The Airborne Card
  • CopyCat Cards
  • Elevator Card
  • Hanky-Panky Card Penetration
  • Hide N Seek and You Shall Find
  • Take a Stab at It
  • The Ol' Switcheroo
  • Split Decision