Phantom Band 360 by Brian Rodgers DVD (Open Box)

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Not sealed and may have scratches but still playable.

This is a new street illusion that will blow your mind.  It's amazing what you can do with a borrowed bill and a rubber band! 

A totally new take on the classic idea of solid thru solid. Here's how it goes:

Phase One - Borrow a bill and show a normal, everyday rubber band. Fold the bill in half, then fold the bill around the band. One end of the band is inside the bill, with the other on the outside. Then slowly melt the band entirely to the inside of the bill!

Phase Two - Show the bill with the band inside it from both sides. While totally surrounded, take one end of the band out of the bill, leaving the other still hooked inside the bill. Then visibly and slowly melt the band right thru the bill!

The only band and bill penetration effect out there that can be done:

  • Completely Surrounded
  • No Gimmicks
  • Totally Impromptu

*Also included - variations on the basic effect using other objects other than a rubber band.

"I really like the first phase for it doesn't JUST show two solids passing through each other, then displayed independently.  It first shows a convincing linking penetration THEN, the reverse.  It doesn't JUST do one feat."  

"That's really powerful.  It's an outstanding impromptu effect."  -Nick Verna

"It fooled me twice...before it fooled me a third time. An excellent new take on the classical bill penetration! A simple and elegant reaction-getter.  Well done Brian."  -Brian Miller

"Very Decieving!!!" -Jesse Feinberg