The Incomparable ROMAINE: The MONARCH of MANIPULATORS (2 DVDs) (Open Box)

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Not sealed and may have scratches but still playable.

Learn Romaine's Entire Stage Show With In-Depth Explanations! This is a rare opportunity to see the work behind the magic of one of our Art's true Legends! Highly recommended!

Romaine is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world. This two DVD set gives you complete step by step explanations on many of the best manipulations, all perfectly routined and executed flawlessly.

First, watch Romaine's entire stage show. After the show, Romaine will take you into the world of expert card and billiard ball manipulation!

DVD I Go into serious depth on everything you need to know about manipulating cards.

DVD II Learn expert billiard ball manipulations without shells or gimmicked balls! Plus get Romaine's tips and other great bonus material.

About the Magician

Romaine is Canada's foremost magician and ventriloquist. He's been performing for over 40 years. For 17 years he performed with the Canadair Variety Show, (Canadian version of the U.S.O.).

He has entertained audiences in every province in Canada, including the Eskimos at Great Whale River, as well as the late Prime Minister of Canada, Lester B. Pearson.

Romaine is the only 6 time winner for the best magician of the year.

Some of his appearances were at the Place Des Arts in Montreal, John Hancock Hall in Boston and ,The National Arts Center in Ottawa.

Romaine appeared with Victor Borge at the Bermuda Festival.

Romaine was in the movie Agency with Robert Mitchum and Lee Majors.

Romaine has performed in Spain, France, Switzerland and Belgium, as well as for Canadian and American TV Shows, Night Clubs, many major magician's conventions, private parties, and corporate affairs.