The Bat by Chazpro

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The range of the high-impact effects you will perform with The Bat is astonishing:

Using your psychic powers, your will make two 'brass' rings cling together. Spin the lower ring, then hand everything to a spectator....the rings will not adhere!
You'll make a coin in a glass move or even flip over!
You'll make matches stand, pendulums sway, coins vanish or change & much more!
There is no end to the variety of effects that can be accomplished with The Bat. From standard magic effects, to puzzles, bar bets and incredible psychic magic.

The Bat is extremely small and is easily concealed. Clip it just about anywhere on your person.

The ring effect can be performed in a swimming suit in the middle of a room, surrounded by people. No table is needed. Nothing is palmed. Your hands & finger tips can be examined before, during & after!