Voltige Playing Cards By Dan and Dave

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Two years in the making, now you can finally wander the Champs-elysées with a Voltige deck by Dan and Dave. This unique deck of cards was produced in collaboration with two French designers - Henri de Saint Julien and Jacques Denain. Buck Twins predict: Voltige will soon become a modern classic.

Voltige (a balancing act in French) stands for a high metaphor describing Dan and Dave's innovation in producing playing cards. This deck is groundbreaking, modern and purely bourgeois.

The Buck Twins put a lot of efforts towards creating this unique sideways box and seal it with a perforated stamp. A small discrepancy during the printing process results in a whole run of tuck cases go to a trash bin. That's why the release of this deck was rescheduled four times and each time when Dan and Dave weren't satisfied with the quality, they returned them back to The United States Playing Card Company. Perfectionism is indeed Dan and Dave's business trait.

Back design features an image of two hands working in tandem to reach a common goal. For the Buck brothers this is an epitome of not only their life story, but the brand as a whole. And today the Twins work in tandem to bring the next chapter in the future of playing cards.

Voltige deck is available in two colours: Moulin Rouge Red and Deep Parisian Blue. Developed in France, printed in the USA and can be shuffled by you.