Yummy Yuk by Maurice Day

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Effect: Yummy Yuk! is a sort of 'Just Chance' type trick, although none of the kids will have ever heard of Tom Sellers' first conception where, out of three, one wins - the Magician. In this case....It's always the children who win. They are always on top! They just love seeing the magician playing the 'fool'. It's great fun with lots of full audience participation. To amusing patter (supplied later) the performer introduce three large sized envelopes, each with an oval cut-out on their fronts. Showing through each is a bold number. These are 1....2....and 3. To the patter presentation suggested repicking super, duper ice creams at the diner, two children have their own personal choice whilst you are left with the the unwanted one. When the children look at the pictures on the reverse sides of their numbers, they end up with super, duper ice cream shakes! When the performer reverses his, he has a picture of a 'yucky' ice cream, with fishes tail, bone, snail, nails and screws, bolts, and worms. Yuk!