Get ready to amaze your friends and family with some super cool card tricks! In this blog, we'll show you some awesome magic tricks that involve magic cards. Whether you're just starting out or you're already a magic pro, these tricks will make you look like a total magician rockstar.

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So, let’s look at some of the magic tricks you can perform using these cards. 

1. Blind Three Card Monte

This is a unique mind-reading card trick where the magician guesses the card participants have picked mentally. The trick starts with the magician removing the queens of hearts, the ace of clubs, and the ace of spades. The magician then places them directly face up in front of the spectator.

This is when the spectator needs to think of any of the three cards, flip them face down, and mix them while the magician looks away and guesses the card. The trick here is to pick the center card, which should align with the mental selection of the spectator. You can check out the 202 Methods of Forcing by Annemann to get more insights on this trick.   

2. The Upside Down Card Trick

This is a simple magic card trick where the magician turns the spectator’s selected card face down on the deck. The trick here is to flip over the bottom card secretly before beginning the trick to ensure the bottom card is the only one faced up in the deck. Then, spread the deck without exposing the face-up card and ask the spectator to pick one.      

This is the magician’s chance to turn the deck over in their hand to ensure all face-up cards are on your left hand except the top card. You must keep the deck tight to ensure reversed cards are not exposed while placing the spectator’s card in the middle of the deck. This is when the magician secretly flips the card over the top card face-up and fans it until they spot the face-down card, enabling them to reveal the secret card.   

3. Pick A Card

This is probably one of the most common yet one of the classic card tricks. The magician will ask the spectator to pick a card from the deck and return it after noting it. The magician will then go through the card and detect the spectator’s card. The primary trick here is to separate into black and red before beginning.

This will allow you to detect if the spectator has taken a red or black card. When the spectator takes a look and returns their card, the magician ensures the card goes to the opposite color section. When they look at the deck, determining the card the spectator chose should not be very challenging but will certainly leave the spectator surprised. A Stack to Remember By Simon Aronson is a great resource for learning more about these tricks.    

Wrapping Up!

Magic is fun and more enjoyable when you perform tricks on the other side of the table. Many wish to start their journeys as magicians, and learning card tricks is a great way to start on the right foot.

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