People perform all sorts of magic tricks based on their audience type, interests, and more relevant factors. Stage and parlor magic remain two of the most popular magic show types where magicians use different props to woo their audience.  

Have these magic tricks ever intrigued you? If yes, you are at the right place!

This Magic Shop San Diego blog will shed more light on the nuances of stage and parlor magic shows. So, let's get started without further ado!

First, Let's Understand Stage And Parlor Magic Shows

Parlor magic shows are magic shows where the audience is larger than that of a close-up magic show but smaller than the audience of a stage magic show. Here, the magician will stand on the same level as their audience without any elevated stage. These magic shows are known for being more affordable and less elaborate, using big props to perform magic tricks closer to the audience.      

But things are a bit different with stage magic shows where the audience is larger than that of a parlor magic show. These shows generally use many assistants, larger props, and increased expenditure. Magicians can choose the type of magic show they wish to perform based on their audience's size. You can even check out the parlor and stage magic collection here to get started with the right props and resources.   

Types of Parlor And Stage Magic Shows

Unsurprisingly, there are different types of parlor and stage magic shows based on the type of audience you want to impress. Hence, the three primary types of parlor and stage magic shows are here.      

  • Magic Shows For Children

  • Children are one of the important target demographics for magicians. Magicians perform amazing, funny, and colorful magic shows for children while ensuring your audience is left awestruck. Children's parlor and stage magic shows are best for occasions like birthdays, bar mitzvahs, holy communion celebrations, or any other form of children's parties. The Magic Shop San Diego offers a plethora of tricks to choose from to impress children with amazing magic tricks.

    Some of the best-known of these collections you can check out include the Animated Drink by Mr. Magic, Milk Jug - Plastic Unbreakable, Jolly Lolly, Snowflake SG by Bond Lee ZF Magic, and more. These props are the ideal thing magicians need to impress their little audiences and give them a memorable experience.       

  • Magic Shows For Families

  • Contrary to popular belief, even adults can be quite big magic fans, especially when you know how to impress them. This makes parlor and stage magic shows the ideal addition to your family events. These shows will entertain both adults and children, ensuring they leave with a memorable experience.     

    The Magic Shop San Diego offers numerous collections of props and magic tricks to help magicians give their family audience the ideal experience. Some best-known collections include Rocco's Super Bright Prisma Lites Pair Junior, The Necklace by Tora Magic, Soulmate by Hide and Sergey Koller, and many more.   

  • Magic Shows For Adults

  • There is no shortage of adults looking to get some time off from their hectic lifestyles and enjoy amazing magic shows. Magicians can perform both parlor and stage magic shows for adults based on the size of the audience.

    This is another area where the Magic Shop San Diego can help you get the best with the right props and magic essentials. Some of the best props you can use for adult magic shows include Progressive Bills, Red Forcing Deck Jumbo Bike, Slydini's Knotted Silks, and more.     

    In Conclusion

    Everybody wants to see something unrealistic, even if they know it's nothing more than an illusion. Magicians can work that magic for audiences of all sizes, be it for parlor or stage magic shows.

    So think no further and impress your audience with the right essentials from the Magic Shop San Diego