Live Kidbiz by David Ginn

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This is from an estate sale in Good Condition. NOTE: This is only the BOOK and does NOT include the companion DVD.

First Edition December 1988

For the first time, magician/author David Ginn shares his successful kid's show comedy and magic not only in word and sound.  

Table of Contents:

1. At Last--My Video Tape
2. Zoom In
3. Co-Cola From Atlanta
4. Magic to Rock Music
     a. Color Changing Cane
     b. Juggling Scarves
     c. Blow-Tie
     d. Blendo
     e. Card Fan Productions
     f. Kansas Twister
     g. Rabbit Production
     h. Mode of Dress
5. Red Plaid (Chicken in the) Egg Bag
6. Radio Rabbit
7. The Eye Chart (With Glasses)
8. One Hot Firecracker
9. The Lobster Cards
10. Tricky Bottles
11. Sun and Moon
     a. Props
     b. Wands
     c. More Props
     d. Preparation
     e. Step by Step Performance
     f. Final Comments
12. Arrowhead!
     a. Nine Hints
     b. My View of Danger Tricks
13. Dagger Rabbit Vanish
     a. Rabbit Hypnosis
     b. Pop-Up Rabbit
     c. Actual Vanish
14. Closing With Music
15. Fade Out