Martin's Miracles by Eric C. Lewis and Magical Publications

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This is from an estate sale that is in Like New Condition

Second Printing 1991 Published by Magical Publications

Martin’s Miracles has been one of our most consistent sellers for fifteen years and the reason for that is simple: Cardiographic. On Page 67, Martin Lewis describes an effect wherein a deck of cards is drawn on a large sketch pad and a drawing of a selected card rises up out of this cartoon. The page upon which this miracle has occurred is torn out and handed to the spectator. This trick has appeared on every show from your local magic club’s to David Copperfield’s TV special.

Martin Lewis started out as the resident magician at San Francisco’s famous Magic Cellar and then graduated to revue shows in Las Vegas and Reno and finally cruise ships. The many close-up, platform and stage effects that were honed to perfection in these demanding venues have been collected together in Martin’s Miracles. Succeeding in all of these areas requires an extraordinary amount of commercial material. His jumbo monte routine (Sidewalk Shuffle, Page 95) is another modern classic. Today, hundreds of full-time pros around the world are performing this knock-your-socks-off material.


7 Martin and Lewis : Together Again, by Harry Anderson
9 Introduction by Martin Lewis
11 About Martin by Eric Lewis
14 Acknowledgment

17 PART ONE: Miracles with a Straight Deck
17 Point of Arrival
20 For Faster Service, Please Take a Number
23 Amazing Mind Control
25 The Information Cards
27 Any Number Can Play
28 The Double-Cross Illusion
30 After Tenkai
33 A Falsified Spread Shuffle
36 the Spelling Collin’Aces

45 PART TWO: Prepared Cards
45 The Stampede Second
49 Snowbird
52 My Great-Great Grandfather’s Card Trick
55 Bill in Card
57 Almost a Color Change
59 The King Cuts Out
61 The Big Switch
62 The Impossible Miniature Card Rise
67 Cardiographic: Selected card rises from cartoon
71 Specdeck

77 PART THREE: Packet Magic
77 Queenies, The Amazing Dancing Girl
82 The Card Player’s Nightmare
84 Wrong again, Watson!
90 Rabbit Test
95 Sidewalk Shuffle: Jumbo Monte routine
101 The Very Odd Card
105 Martin’s Computer Cards

113 PART FOUR: Numismagic
113 James’First
117 Flying Eagles -A Variation
119 Coin Assembly
121 Going Home
123 There and Back
128 Texas Money

133 PART FIVE: Medley
133 Dice Propagation
137 Martin’Morton’Miracle
140 The Inscrutable Sticks
143 Technicolor Prediction
145 Magigami
148 Fired!
151 Martin’s Improved Lie Detector