Neon Dreams by Lance Rich

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A compelling and exciting look at the remarkable tale of Las Vegas' rise to the epicenter of magic. Featuring new interviews and photos, this stunning hardcover book is a must-read for any magician or fan of magic.

Written by Lance Rich and produced by Vanishing Inc, Neon Dreams: The Story of Las Vegas Magic gives you a front-row seat to the transformation of Las Vegas from a modest railroad stop town to the mecca of multi-million-dollar magical extravaganzas. This captivating story is filled with unexpected twists and turns that make it impossible to put down once you start.

"Having worked in this town for over four decades, I believed I had a deep understanding of Vegas, but this book has unveiled so much more. It offers a unique perspective on the tales you're familiar with and those you're yet to discover."
- David Copperfield

Examining everything from how Las Vegas became synonymous with world-class magic shows to re-discovering who the first magician on the Las Vegas Strip was, and even things like how the Hoover Dam impacted magic history, Neon Dreams spares no detail.

This, of course, includes the highs like the extraordinary circumstances that allowed David Copperfield and Lance Burton to break records both in magic and show business as a whole. As well as a look at how Siegfried and Roy blazed a trail for countless performers with their groundbreaking achievements

However, Las Vegas' journey has not always been a seamless one. So, you'll also get a first-hand look at the lows. Like how a multi-million-dollar magic spectacle barely survived its second night and the challenges faced by Caesar's magical empire.

*Neon Dreams* doesn't just recount history though, it also rewrites it. Inside this book, you'll find a stunning revelation about the first magician to ever grace the Las Vegas Strip. Her story is a riveting one with as many surprises and awe-inspiring moments as a well-executed magic routine

As the leading producer of premium magic books, Vanishing Inc. has created another remarkable gem you'll display proudly in your collection. Nearly 400 pages, and over 370 remarkable photographs, including numerous unpublished gems, all paying tribute to the city that elevated magic to new heights. Everything is presented in a beautiful hardback book with a unique lenticular cover and foreword by David Copperfield.

Get an exclusive look behind the curtain of Las Vegas magic, unlike anything you've ever seen. Grab a copy of Neon Dreams: The Story of Las Vegas Magic by Lance Rich now!