Standing Ovation by Masuda Magic - Trick

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How about the simple trick that is not the fanciest but leaves strong impression to your audience?


This trick could be more effective when performed after some other card tricks.

Your audience picks one card. (any card)

The magician diagonally stands the box on the selected card.

Proof that the box is really standing on the card by turning the card underneath.

Then pull off the card that looks suspicious, but the box stays standing.

Put the deck in the box and finish the act.


You can easily stand the card box diagonally.

Enjoy this trick with your own performing style such as mysterious, communicative.

It looks possible but it's actually not, it's very simple, it stays your audience's memory.


*Gimmick (the regular deck is not included)

You can use the box from your regular decks such as Bicycles and Tally-Hos.

The regular deck is not included, please use your own.