The 702 Project (DVD)

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On this amazing DVD you will learn 5 brand new magic effects from 5 of Las Vegas’ newest magic creators and performers.

Rick Lax will show you how to see through cardboard, Justin Flom reveals his two card transposition (and a false cut flourish), Blake Vogt shares his method for knowing a freely selected card instantly, Bizzaro gives up his unique bill change and Kyle Marlett shows you how to turn chapstick into a modern day bill tube.


Kyle Marlett's take on the classic bill tube effect. A bill is borrowed and signed by the spectator, a tube of Chapstick is brought out and shown to have lip balm in it and the spectator holds onto it. The magician then takes their signed bill and folds into a small packet and tries to heat the bill up with a lighter when it suddenly burst into a ball of fire and vanishes. The chapstick tube is opened and the spectator slowly starts to see a folded up bill begin to rise from the tube. When they unfold it, it is their signed bill.

False Queens:

A quick visual effect from Justin Flom. You place one queen face down in the center of the deck and with a wave of the hand the second queen visibly vanishes from the top of the deck. Then a random card transforms back into the queens. The two queens are then placed back into the deck, but this time face up into a face down deck. All of the cards visibly turn face up save for the two queens.

Spring Peek:

Blake Vogt’s awesome card peek! The performer springs cards into the spectator’s open hand. They freely call stop wherever they want (no force) and note the card, and the rest is sprung on top of the pile in their hand. You can immediately call out their card because you know it instantly. A very useful utility move.

Hidden Cash:

Bizzaro's modern day self-contained bill switch which uses no thumb tip but yet you can show your hand completely empty and very cleanly at every moment. The Magician shows two one dollar bills and then folds them up into a small packet. Then, with just a little shake, it turns into a two dollar bill. He then folds it up again and with a wave of the hand it turns back into the two one dollar bills. A very versatile idea.

X-Ray box:

Rick Lax's take on the ACAAN plot. The magician slowly starts thumbing cards from hand to hand and the spectator remembers one of the cards. Then the deck is cleanly shuffled and placed into the box. He then introduces his super fancy X-Ray glasses and, after putting them on, is able to see thru the card box and tell the location of the card. The spectator removes the cards and counts down to the named position to see that their card is at that number. (Two versions taught)

Shot entirely on location in fabulous Las Vegas, NV this is a one of a kind DVD with many of these effects being published and taught for the first time.

You’ll find a little something for everyone on this disc.

This is the magic of The (702).