The Best of Benzais by J. Benzais

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This is from an estate sale in Like New Condition with some slight aging of the edges around the pages.  

First Edition 1967 (108 pages)

  • The "Coins Through The Table"
    • First Effect (For One Coin)
    • Second Effect (For Two Coins)
    • Third Effect (For Four Coins)
    • Han Ping 'Benzais'
    • With Six Coins
    • Something Extra The Benzais Grip
    • Again With Six Coins
    • It Doesn't Belong Here
    • One Handed Method
  • Just A Few More "Coin Tricks"
    • 5c For Your Thoughts
    • The Benzais Concealment
    • Transit Dime
    • Follow-Up For Transit
    • A Simple Vanish
    • Another Simple Vanish
    • Not So Simple
  • Different Types Of Card Tricks
    • Making Double Face Cards
    • Sleeving A Card
    • How To Lap A Card
    • Card In Wallet
    • A Counting Trick
    • The Missing Ace
    • The Crimped Card
    • Four Of A Kind
    • Bewilderment
    • Stabbed In The Pack
  • Mess - Celaneous Tricks
    • The Cut & Restored Rope
    • 4-D Ball Trick
    • The Secret Of Gorius