The Pages Are Blank by Michael Feldman

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A remarkable hardcover book bursting with real-world card magic that challenges everything you've ever been told about performing magic.

Michael Feldman has spent his entire career pushing back against the notion that magicians should hide their skills. His performances break the fourth wall and invite audiences into a world where he openly tells them he's using trickery to deceive and entertain them. He doesn't ask them to believe that magic is real, but rather find proof that it's not. The result is a genuine feeling of astonishment for every audience, including Penn & Teller during his appearance on Fool Us.

Across the 186 pages of The Pages Are Blank, Michael shares 19 of his most cherished creations. These devious effects don't follow the traditional structure and often rely on off-beat and creative methods to leave your audiences questioning reality.

This book is broken into two main parts. The first of which features Michael's go-to effects. These are the routines he performs regularly in both his professional and casual work. There are innovative routines like "False Dichotomy" where two people seemingly experience the same card trick differently before both realities are proven to be true, as well as fun and quirky takes on classics like Card Under Glass and Triumph.

Along the way, you'll also be treated to a variety of original techniques and moves like a powerful two-card peek and a clever palming technique. Undoubtedly though, the standout for most magicians will be Michael's deck switch. As you can see in the trailer, this might be one of the most deceptive deck switches ever created.

You'll then dive into the second part of the book where Michael shares his work on using duplicate signed cards. After dedicating 25 years to exploring this idea, he has developed some truly remarkable creations. There's an unbelievably fair Anniversary Waltz where you can see both faces, a signed card color change, an impossible tranpso that happens under their finger and so much more.

There's no filler in The Pages Are Blank. Every page of this beautiful hardcover book is dedicated to teaching you a true worker that Michael has perfected in front of real people. There's something for all skill levels and nothing that is out of the reach of anyone willing to put a bit of practice.

With the release of The Pages Are Blank, Vanishing Inc. further cements its position as the leading producer of premium magic books. This stunning hardback book is perfectly laid out with detailed explanations and photographs. Each effect is also complemented by choreography and a helpful snippet summarizing key points you can easily reference as needed.

This neo-classic magic book is a must-read for any card magician. It is a book you find yourself returning to often. Grab a copy of The Pages Are Blank by Michael Feldman now!