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"Simply put Seong-jin is a Master of The Close Up Linking Rings. He understands them and develops his own techniques and performance style. Every magician should learn from him."
- Matthew Garrett

"Seong-Jin Lim has earned his place amongst the Great Ringsters."
- Joshua Messado

This is "O rot" by Sungjin Lim.

So far, there have been a lot of pocket ring lectures.

But there was still frustration.

There were questions that were still unresolved.

In the end, we needed a real lecture that we could learn from scratch.

Whether you're new to the pocket ring or used to it doesn't matter at all.

I speak confidently to everyone who wanted to learn in-depth about the pocket ring.

This is it.

  • Ring Introduction
  • How To Handle The Key Ring
  • Double Ring IN & OUT Explanation
  • Performance With Normal Rings
  • Performance With Different Color Rings
  • Explanation For Each Phase
  • Back View Performances
  • Spectator Routine Performance and Explanation
  • Additional Tips and Details
  • Explanation of Spectator Routine
  • Miscellaneous
As an additional gift for you, a special link appears in the middle of the video.

Try to find it!

Through this, you can learn a great routine as a bonus.