Cohort Stretch Cards by Ellusionist

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Heat, distort & re-shape reality and leave it permanently stretched.

One of the most powerful forms of magic is metal bending, it steps outside magic and moves into the realm of mentalism. 

The problem is, relatively few magicians use metal bending, compared to how many do cards tricks. 

Duane Williams has moved metal bending into a deck of cards. The same type of moves that are used to bend a fork, can be used on playing cards. 

Unlike a SHIFT bending fork, which costs $200, these can easily be handed out in a permanent 'bent' condition for less than $1 a piece. (Refills are 0.82 cents a piece). 

Ellusionist developed a special printing blade used in the manufacturing process that allows only us to cut this design from REAL playing card stock. What they see, feel & keep is a playing card... but stretched. 

It has NEVER been done before and cannot be imitated. 

Actually stretch a real playing card, then give it to your spectator... With no switches.

In each package you'll receive 28 gaffed pre-stretched cards. But you will need a normal red Cohorts deck already to be able to perform it. 

Heat, distort & re-shape reality and leave it permanently stretched.