Hollingworth Playing Cards (Emerald)

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After years of waiting, an icon has finally been reborn.

Vanishing Inc. and Guy Hollingworth introduce a new-and-improved version of one of the most beloved decks of cards ever produced.

Since being first introduced by Dan and Dave Buck many years ago, "Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards" have been cherished by magicians, cardists and playing card collectors alike. They were an instant bestseller that have fetched top dollar and trade value on the secondary market since selling out not long after their launch.

Now, you can finally get your hands on the breathtaking, art-deco inspired "Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards" again. While they are a wonderful homage to the originals, they also feature some key updates designed with the modern magician and cardist in mind. There's even a special collectable version for the most avid collectors.

Guy always loved the original design. But, he also completely agreed with the feedback that the borderless design made them difficult to use for card magic. So, the new "Guy Hollingworth Playing Cards" feature thin white borders. Each deck is also now printed on the best-in-class Cartamundi slimline stock and comes with matching Jokers, a blank-facer and a special Quartet gimmick card (instructions not included).

Grab them now in two gorgeous colors: "Burgundy" or "Emerald Green". These elegant hues are the perfect backdrop for the striking gold shimmer you'll find on the premium embossed matte tuck case. Like the man they're named after, these sophisticated decks are the epitome of class.

"Hollingworth Playing Cards" are being offered as a limited release from Vanishing Inc. Add them to your collection today before they're gone for good.

For the most serious card collectors, an extremely limited amount of exclusive collectable brick boxes are available. Each one comes with 6 decks of each color and is signed and numbered on the inside of the special brick box lid.