The Cube by James Kellogg III

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Things are always more interesting when hidden in plain sight.

That expression couldn't apply more here. The Cube is a completely new method to producing an Rubik's Cube for all you virtual shows or social media videos. Why only virtual? Well, this effect consists of one method that is as old as the hills. Black Art. If you have ever used black art you will understand why performing this through a camera is really the only way to go. If you have never used black art, then what a wonderful place to start. Not only do I go through how to perform this effect, but I also sit down and share with you how to set up your camera (phone, tablet, computer or even with a DSLR or Cine Camera) and all the settings, on those camera choices, so you can make this as magical as it could possibly be. You are probably asking yourself why am I exposing the method. Well, with most magic releases they only share with you how great the effect is and with this I want to be fully transparent that this is almost impossible for live shows. (I am sure someone will prove me wrong though!)

With The Cube you will receive everything to perform right out of the box. There is no need to purchase anything extra. So if you are looking for a completely unique way to produce a rubik's cube for you social media audiences or virtual shows then you have found the right effect.

What you receive:

• Black Art material for performance area

• The Cube Gimmick

• Regular Rubik's Cube

• Mini Amazon Box

• Mini Amazon Tape

• Special sides of Rubik's Cube and sides of mini amazon box



Also included is a killer routine by Rodney Reyes where you can produce a mini amazon package. Instead of showing the sides of a Rubik's cube you show sides of an amazon box and after assembling the box one side at a time you remove a knife or scissors then cut open the box revealing anything you want that fits inside!