Over 60 Balloon Hats by Chuck Leach and Chazpro

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Balloon hats are great!  Fun!  Entertaining!  And, yes, profitable! If you have been ignoring this area of balloon sculpting, you've been missing the boat! 

Hats appeal to children and adults.  Hats are also appealing because you wear them, rather than carry them.  The latter is the key to their entertainment value.  A spectator has to become more of an extrovert when he puts a funny-looking hat on his head.  By breaking down their inhibitions, you bring them more into your character, your act, and the festivity!  Ultimately, more fun is had by all.  

Occasionally you might run into people who don't want to wear a balloon hat.  Respect their wishes, and go on.  

Hats are useful in a variety of situations.  At a child's birthday party, make one for each child. (This is a savings and selling point to parents!)

At adult clubs, make hats for the VIPs and officers. (A lot of fun is to be had here!)

Make hats for your assistants during your magic show, regardless of age!

Another good idea is a balloon hat business during a festival.