The Silk by Gonzalo Albiñana and Crazy Jokers - Trick

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In any moment, or any part of the act, you can take any regular silk of your preference, and make it pass through the palm of your hands, or the hands of someone else. Just like that. You can show both sides of the hand, and make it as many times, and as quick or slow as you want. Then, you pull off the silk, show every part of it, and your skin, because everything can be examined. Later, or before, use the silk for other effects.

You can do it close up, in parlor or stage situations. It's a hit in kids and comedy magic, but you can make any kind of presentation with it, even in more "dark" presentations, or hypnosis.

Everything is included and ready to go, a video about the history and origins of the tricks thru out magic literature, handlings ideas and presentations, sample silk, gimmick and accessories. Use any silk, any size of silk, from 12 inches (30 cm), to diamond cut silks, even 40 inches (90 cm) or similar materials like ribbons, wool...
  • Perform anywhere, no conditions.
  • You can adapt it to any kind of silk or presentation.
  • You start and end clean.
  • Use the silk for other effects.
  • Perfect for parlor and stage.
  • No clothing restrictions.

Gonzalo Albinana has been thinking, presenting and developing this effect thru the last, maybe fifteen years? Seven years ago, he started to show it to different magicians, and received the Geni D'Or Award for Creativity for it. Later, in 2019, he competed in the National Congress of Spain and won the Parlor Magic Trophy. Now, he is ready to share it with the magic community to see what things other people can make out of it.

Inspired by the work of Al Bach, Alexander de Cova and a lot of old masters and magicians of the past, The Silk is the development of the kind of magic that Gonzalo prefers. A clear plot, simple to understand, beautiful and amazing to watch, with a lot of room for the performer to develop his material and character.

The idea started one day in which a kid, in the middle of a silk vanishing sequence, starting to shot out something about a plastic finger? So Gonzalo started to think. After a lot of trials and errors, different effects, solutions and prototypes, the combination of several ideas, like the Arrow and Ribbon thru Body by Chung Ling Soo, The Silk thru the spots card of Alexander de Cova, and, different other approaches mentioned on the tutorial, The Silk, slowly thru the years, came to life, and became the opening of almost each one of his shows.