Vintage A Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic by Bob McAllister

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The Gimmick Paper Bag has a hole.  Gimmick paper bag can be easily replaced.

A folded paper bag is removed from the performers pocket. The bag is unfolded, opened and shown around to be completely empty.

The magician then asks a volunteer from the audience to reach into the air to grab an invisible chocolate chip cookie and to toss it up to the magician and into the empty bag. As the volunteer throws this cookie into the bag something is heard – THUNK!

But imagination becomes reality as the magician now pours out a real chocolate chip cookie (which he can REALLY take a bite from).

The magician continues to perform a Misers Dream routine with cookies, in which more and more invisible cookies are tossed into the bag. But the climax of the routine comes when the performer ends by pouring from the once empty bag a heaping plate of REAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!