Who Bolted by James Kellogg

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Someone has been murdered....dun dun duuuunnnnn!

Well that is an interesting start to a mentalism effect. If you are looking for a fun and interactive effect with a ‘whodunit’ story, you have found the right effect.

Here is what the spectator see's:

The magician/mentalist brings out a small evidence bottle with 4 bolts inside, each with a different color label. The performer explains that there has been a murder and you need some help to try and solve the case. The performer then brings out 4 evidence cards with different characters on them; these are the 4 suspects that we narrowed it down to; explaining to your audience that you need a little help. You offer them the 4 cards and explain that you would like them to pick out who they believe is the murderer, but without you seeing who they selected by isolating the evidence card face down away from the other suspects. The performer now brings attention to the evidence bottle sitting on the table that has 4 bolts that match the color of each of the evidence cards, explaining that the bottle is like a mini centrifuge machine and can help us accurately determine who the murderer is. The performer starts to shake the bottle while having the spectator visualize who they believe the murderer is. Moments later you open up the bottle and dump out the bolts, revealing that one bolt has undone itself! This bolt matches perfectly to who your spectator believed committed the crime! 

Everything is included in the package to perform ‘Who Bolted’ right out of the box!

EXTREMELY Easy to do!

All self contained

Great quality props

Fun unique story to interact with you audience!

Whats in the box:

Evidence Bottle

4 Bolts with different colors to match evidence cards

4 Suspects/Evidence Cards

Instruction link for online video instructions

Who Bolted is a new take on a classic effect called Nut & Bolt Escape from Mak Magic. Later Alakazam magic released this effect under the name TK Bolt. These are both heavily influenced by the creation of Who Bolted and we have to give them credit for their contribution to this effect, as without these releases, Who Bolted would never have been created.