Alias Wallet by Colin McLeod

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While your head's turned, your spectator puts a secret drawing into your wallet and you instantly know what they're thinking.

"I will actually use this wallet. For those who know me, this is the highest praise possible" - Eric Dittelman

"I have never found a peek wallet that I've loved until now. This is so damn clever that you'll have to hold back excitement every time you perform. I'm giggling just thinking about it." - Ben Seidman

"After seeing Colin use this for years, this wallet is finally being shared with the community. Sleek, streamlined, and stealth, the Alias wallet is the perfect fit for the modern mindreader who needs a reliable method that blends into an everyday wardrobe. The peek is fresh and logical, leveraging a natural handling and innocent props to give you a technique that is worth adding to your mentalism arsenal." - David Gerard

It is a peek wallet. Yes I know. Why?!

Quite simply, none of the others available did what I needed them to do in a way that I was ever fully convinced by.

The Alias Wallet has some major benefits:

  • You never need to reopen the wallet at any point.

  • Once the spectator inserts their drawing in face down, you immediately give them the wallet to hold.

  • As soon as the wallet has been handed to them, you never need to take it back or touch it again. Ever. And you already know everything.

  • Your head is turned away the entire time they draw, and you only look around once to ensure they are correctly inserting it into your wallet face down. At which point, you immediately look away again and give them your wallet to hold on to.

  • There are ZERO electronics.

My unique design has been refined these last few years and now I'm delighted to finally be sharing the final, perfected model with you.

It's a minimal style wallet as you'll see in the images.

It's designed to look innocent, be 100% reliable and of course, be utterly deceptive.

Not only are the mechanics of the wallet precise in every way and manufactured to the highest standard, my routine, choreography, scripting and psychological principles will ensure you are going to be left looking like you have the ability to genuinely read someone's mind.

The entire device and it's execution have been perfected to point where the last thing they will think about or remember is your wallet.

It was designed for drawing duplications, but you can easily use it to reveal P.I.N. codes and with practice you'll be able to reveal names and words with ease.

The wallet will come with a download where I'll share my fully detailed handlings of the wallet but more importantly, every other layer of thinking I have utilised to ensure that you are bulletproof in the real world.

Shows in real life are on their way back and I can assure you that having this device as you go to peek device will guarantee you will always be ready to perform a miracle professionally or casually.

The wallet can and should be used as an everyday wallet. There is no set up required or anything needing to be replaced.

This wallet has been my go to for all close up performances for the past few years and will continue to be one of the few things I always have on me.