Okito's Grand Finale by James Kellogg III

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"This is the BEST okito box set I have ever seen."

~ Craig Petty (100% Rating)

Check out Craig Petty's Review Here!

THIS is the answer to conclude every Okito Box routine!

Okito’s Grand Finale is not your standard okito box. With this devious set you will now be able to perform your okito box routine with a mindblowing ending.

Here is what the spectators will see;

You are performing your favorite Okito box routine and explain to the spectators that you will do one last thing. You then stack up the 4 coins and place them neatly on the table and proceed to cover the stack of coins using the Okito Box. After covering the coins you explain how this effect was an illusion and the coins were never there, turning the okito box to show the spectators that the coins have completely disappeared. BUT it doesn't stop there…then you tell the spectators that the whole effect was an illusion because there were no coins and there is no box. With a look of confusion by the spectators, you ask them to lift up the box, revealing that the box has turned into a solid block of brass!

With Okito's Grand Finale you will receive everything you need right out of the box. Inside you will receive:

  • Dollar Size Okito Box & Lid (Fits 4 coins and is large enough to accommodate an expanded shell)
  • Solid Metal Slug for solid ending
  • Custom made fake stack
  • Aluminum Bang Ring
  • Magnetic Coin Holdout Gimmick
  • (Optional) 4 Matching Regular Silver Coins to match your stack
  • Online Instructions for use and care

Specs of Okito's Grand Finale

  • All parts are made from solid brass with a matte like finish
  • All coins are pure silver, no replicas are used
  • False stack edge is REAL silver. This means all silver on the stack will tarnish together.

Don't perform any Okito Box routines yet? In the instructions we do go over the classic David Roth Okito Box routine that was featured in New Stars of Magic published in 1971 to get you started. There are handfuls of other amazing Okito Box routines that can be used with these sets without a problem as well. Don’t wait to upgrade your Okito routine with the Grande Finale.


Looking to have your own customized box and stack? Please email customerservice@magicshopsandiego.com and we will do our best to accommodate you dream Okito's Grand Finale Set.