SHORTY! by Ray Grismer

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A baffling short change routine.  Shorty is a devasting effect full of startling vanishes and reappearances.  You clearly show five one dollar bills and just one five dollar bill.  The bills are shown front and back -- there are no extra bills -- its all exactly as you say it is.  Suddenly a one dollar bill vanishes!  You count the bills one by one into the spectator's hands -- each bill is shown single and separate.  You really do have only nine dollars!  The vanished bill instantly reappears -- you have your ten dollars back.  Again, everything shown front and back.  For the starling climax the five dollar bill vanishes!  You're left with just five ones...each bill is cleanly shown -- you really do have just five one dollar bills remaining which you count into the spectator's hand, one by one.  It's an ending that is so strong that it literally brings gasps from spectators! 

A stunning demonstration of your magical skill.  There's nothing for the spectators to see or catch.  It's all in Ray Grismer's ingenious gimmick, and a subtle Dai Vernon idea that makes it work for you! 

Easy to do.  Uses no sleight of hand.  If you can spread and count a few dollar bills, you can do it!  Completely self-contained.  Nothing added or taken away.  No palming.  No angles.  Can be done anywhere close up or surrounded.  Carry it in your wallet - do it anytime.  Resets instantly.

Comes ready to work with the Shorty gimmick -- make this in your own money in just a minute!