Cardworks by Richard Kaufman

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This is from an estate sale in Good Condition.  There are some minor creases on the top of the dust jacket and mild toning to the first few and last few pages. 

First Edition 1981

With CARDWORKS, Richard Kaufman returns to the same innovative area that made his CARD MAGIC a bestseller in 1979.
Clearly written and beautifully illustrated, CARDWORKS contains many wonderful routines that you’ll find as enjoyable to perform as the audience will to watch.
While most of the material has been created by the author, there are contributions from the top names in closeup:

  • From ED MARLO: Banded: That’s Impossible!
    Four seemingly impossible effects involving rubber-band surrounded decks.
  • From DEREK DINGLE: DazzleShop Aces
    An Ace assembly specifically designed to astound other magicians.
  • From JON RACHERBAUMER: Purist Sandwich
    one of the swiftest and most puzzling sandwiches in town.
    To Red-Eye Special, Instant No-Shuffle Sandwich, One-Hand Mechanical Aces, and Ethereal Blackjack 7 and 2.
  • From HOWARD SCHWARZMAN: The Original Card Tunnels [with Ken Krenzel)
    The never-before-published classics that started the tunnel craze.
  • From DARWIN ORTIZ and PAT COOK: Stapled Black
    The ultimate handling of the Paul Harris plot; two cards magically transpose through a metal staple.
  • From JIM SWAIN: Passing Along the Vanishing Aces
    A classic which has already gained a great reputation within the Inner Circle.
All this and more is in CARDWORKS.
Richard Kaufman’s unique perspective as both author and illustrator gives him the ability to teach sleight of hand more clearly than almost anyone else!
You can practically see the sleights being performed for you by just glancing at the many illustrations in CARDWORKS.



Richard Kaufman: Foreword
Unknown: Flap Insertion to Separate Cards
Richard Kaufman: Natural Grip Radical Change
Richard Kaufman: Impromptu Blankwave
Harry Lorayne: HaLo Cut
Edward Marlo: Swing Cut Display
Tony Kardyro, Edward Marlo: KM Move
Meir Yedid: Slingshot Snapout
Derek Dingle, Richard Kaufman: Modified Bluff Shift
Richard Kaufman: Triple Slice Popup Aces
Richard Kaufman, Harry Lorayne: One-Hand Mechanical Aces
Harry Lorayne: Deck Reverse
Unknown: One-Handed Production
Richard Kaufman: One-Hand Exes to Aces
Unknown: One-Handed Bottom Deal Switch
Unknown: Reverse KM Rightening
James Swain: Passing Along the Vanishing Aces
Geoffrey Latta, James Swain: Collecting the Vanishing Aces
Richard Kaufman, David Arthur, Gene Maze: Fusion
Richard Kaufman: The Inside Out Deck
Unknown: Book Break
Richard Kaufman: Layer by Layer
Unknown: Tilt
Slydini: The Slydini Touch
Richard Kaufman: Even Odder II
Richard Kaufman: Red-Eye Special
Harry Lorayne: Open Bluff Separation
Unknown: Faro Fan
Roy Walton: Letters
Ken Krenzel: Scene: August 23, 1980
Harry Lorayne: Scene: September 8, 1980
James Swain: Torn Asunder
Unknown: Snap Over Change
Richard Kaufman: The Splittin' Image
Edward Marlo: Banded: That's Impossible!
Edward Marlo: Color Change Pass
Edward Marlo: Half Pass
Edward Marlo: Simulated Deck Turnover
Howard Schwarzman, Ken Krenzel: The Original Card Tunnel
Henry Christ: Subtlety for Tunnel Effect
Howard Schwarzman: The Second Card Tunnel
Richard Kaufman: The Amazing Ace Tunnel
R Kaufman, D Arthur, K Krenzel: Ace Tunnel: Second Position
Richard Kaufman: Ethereal Poker
Arthur Finley: Tent Vanish
Richard Kaufman, Howard Schwarzman: Ethereal BlackJack No. 1
Unknown: Double Deal
Ken Krenzel, Richard Kaufman: Ethereal BlackJack No. 2
Unknown: Second Deal Lap
Unknown: Table Edge Heel Holdout
Richard Kaufman: Quadruple Fingertip Cards to Pockets
Derek Dingle: DazzleSnap Aces
Richard Kaufman: Instant No-Shuffle Sandwich
Richard Kaufman: Apparition
Unknown: Hofzinser Top Change As Transformation
Richard Kaufman: The SecondFromTheTop Change
Darwin Ortiz, Patrick Cook: Stapled Black Jack
Richard Kaufman: In Addition
Edward Marlo: Cover-Up Cut