Card Cavalcade 3 by Jerry Mentzer

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This is an Estate item in Good Condition with some fraying around the corners and yellow aging around the pages. 

Second Printing 1981 

Card Cavalcade 3 by Jerry Mentzer

Full chapters by Roy Walton and Paul Swinford! A generous collection of top-notch card magic!! Card Cavalcade 3 contains more than forty tricks, routines, and secret maneuvers with a pack of cards and is similar in format to other books of the series. Clear line drawings make it easy to follow the written text. Some of the contributors to this fine book are Rick Johnsson, Bill Miesel, John Mendoza, Bill Spooner, Paul Diamond, Lu Brent, Jim Lee, and J.K. Schmidt!! In addition there is a complete chapter of excellent card magic by Roy Walton, and another chapter of magic by Paul Swinford!

Most of the magic contained in Card Cavalcade 3 has not been published previously. The magic ranges from the very simple and easy to challenging sleight of hand items. If card magic appeals to you, this book is essential!


Chapter 1 - Impressive Card Magic
5 Diamond Aces (Paul Diamond)
9 How About That! (Paul Diamond)
11 In Case (Jerry Mentzer)
21 Into the Case "Magical Lee" (Jim Lee)
27 Ace In the Case (Larry West)
30 Last Minute Arrival (Jerry Mentzer)
36 Four Way Coincidence (John Murray)

Chapter 2 - Routines of Roy Walton
43 Poker Progressive
45 Ambitious 1-2-3-4
49 Roy-Al Monte
53 As You Were
56 Offset Aces
60 Runaround
67 Tricky Tuition

Chapter 3 - Toward the Esoteric
73 Travelling Transmutators (Jeff Busby)
79 Incomplete Faro Location (John Miller)
81 Incomplete Faro Sandwich (John Miller)
82 Actually Cutting the Aces (J.K. Schmidt)
87 A Different Approach to Transpositions (Bill Miesel)
91 Take Three (Bill Miesel)
96 Mini Oil and Water (Bill Miesel)

Chapter 4 - Paul Swinford Swindles
103 Four Pile Triumph
106 Zenith Triumph
110 Triumph F.M.O.
111 Duo Control

Chapter 5 - More Good Ones
119 Sandwich Effect (Don Adams)
125 Double Exchange (Don Adams)
128 Revelation (Bill Spooner)
131 Losers Leapers (J.K. Hartman)
136 Four of a Kind (Larry West)

Chapter 6 - Routines
143 Total Involvement (Rick Johnsson, Jerry Mentzer)
148 Cannibal Cards (Rick Johnsson)
159 Lox (Lu Brent)
162 Further Than That (J.W. Sarles)
165 Tong's Aces (Dan Tong)
172 Simple Shotgun (John Mendoza)
175 Five Card Revelation (Jerry Mentzer)

Chapter 7 - Information
181 The Elmsley Count (Alex Elmsley)
183 The Jordan Count (Charles T. Jordan)
186 The E.J. Count (Roy Walton)
186 The Siva Count (Jack Avis)

SKILL LEVEL - Experienced/Medium