Dusheck Magic Series No. 1 Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic by Steve Dusheck

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First Edition 1991

Just when you thought everything had been said and done with Thumb Tips, Steve Dusheck’s first book presents his original tricks and ideas with Thumb Tips. Now he describes cricks that never could be done previously and he explains how you can make these Thumb Tips and save lots of money.

For example, easily change one color of silk in your hand into another (no Dye Tube) and then show both hands empty. Or polish a coin on your lapel or shirt and it instantly changes into a flower. Push a red silk into your fist and spectators see it sticking out of a fake egg. When the silk is removed, it turns out to be a white silk with a yellow center. The “yolks” on them. A Thumb Tip secretly rolled inside a dollar bill cannot be seen by spectators who closely look inside the bill. An X drawn on a pirate map by a spectator is pierced by the performer’s small sword while held behind his back.

Now vanish and produce more salt and liquid in your hand than previously possible. Show a flower and it vanishes instantly – even if you are wearing short sleeves. Steve has also CTeated new devices which could make nailwriters obsolete. If having your prediction match a selected item weren’t enough, now you can have two or even three predictions in different colors match spectator’s thoughts. Besides all this, there are many more new and unusual Thumb Tip construction ideas described in full detail.

This collector-quality, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ hardbound book contains 62 numbered pages plus a Foreword by Larry White and additional comments by Jim Klein and Steve. Gold printing on maroon covers, matching end papers, acid-free pages to last a lifetime and 56 illustrations make this a book you will want to own and treasure. Says George Daily, noted magic collector and historian, “I collect books about Thumb Tips and Steve Dusheck has approached Thumb Tip magic in a totally unique manner. This must rank as one of the most innovative books on Thumb Tips, and it is a superb book worthy of being in anyone’s library. I highly recommend it.”


I Dedication
iii Table of Contents
v Special Artistic Thanks
vii Forward – Dusheck is “Thumb-Thing” (Larry White)
xi Introduction (Jim Klein)

1 The Beginning: about thumb tip magic
2 Obtaining Thumb Tips
3 Basic Handling
4 Why a Book on Making Thumb Tips?
5 Silk Bilk: silk color change as it passes through your fist
7 Fireproof Thumb Tip: silk produced, cigarette vanish, and a lit match vanished
9 Mum’s the Word: coin to flower
11 Subtle Silk to Egg Surprise: sucker effect with color changing silk
15 French Fried: sponge fry vanish
21 A Reel Thumb Tip: how to build and use
25 A Looped Thumb Tip: salt pour
29 The Wallpapered Thumb Tip: a dollar bill camo tip
31 A Trip Down the Garden Path: an invisible silk becomes invisible
33 This Bud’s For Me: flower vanish
36 Thumb Tip Writer: making a Swami gimmick
41 Twins and Triplets: make predictions in multiple colors
44 Experiments in Thumb Tippery: ideas that didn’t quite work
44 – Experiment No. 1
45 – Experiment No. 2
47 – Experiment No. 3
48 – Experiment No. 4
48 – Experiment No. 5
50 – Experiment No. 6
51 – Experiment No. 7
52 – Experiment No. 8
53 – Experiment No. 9
53 – Experiment No. 10
54 – Experiment No. 11
55 – Experiment No. 12
56 – Experiment No. 13
57 – Experiment No. 14
57 – Experiment No. 15
58 – Experiment No. 16
58 – Experiment No. 17
59 – Stop the Presses!: Split Hinged Tip improvement
61 More Thoughts
62 Conclusion – Or Is It?

  • Publisher: American Magic Company
  • Pages: 128
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA
  • Edited by: James M. Klein
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1991
  • Binding: hardbound