Rodney Reyes' School of Hard Knocks - Confessions of a Magic (Open Box)

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Not sealed and has very little or minor scratches but still playable.

Underground magician Rodney Reyes, the Bruce Lee of close-up magic, takes you on a step-by-step journey through the world of underground magic. For the first time on DVD, you’ll experience the pure style of underground magic as you master cutting edge effects. Reyes teaches both his signature effects and theory in this stylish, action-packed DVD. 15 total revelations including

ICU – A knockout face up ambitious routine.

Glock 52 – A chosen cards shoot out of the gun-shaped deck. A very clever comical effect.

Slap City – The four of clubs is split into the two’s, then split into the four aces with an outstanding kick at the end that will floor the audience.

Trifecta – This one’s too hot to tip! It’s been circling underground and is now surfacing for the first time.

Short Stack – The brainchild of Syd Segal, comes a card effect that goes, “further than that!”

Ace Flourish – An eye-popping revelation of the four aces.

Coining Copperfield – A first in coin magic. A coin passes through the spectator’s fingers.


Blossom Cut – An easy visual cut.

Another Sybil – A stylish and beautiful twist on the original. Basic revelations include the “Swing Cut'” “The Pass,” and “The Double Lift.”

Bonus materials include: Three bonus effects, Rodney Reyers “In Theory, The documentary on the making of the song “Like Magic” performed by Shawn Russels, outtakes, trailers and more.