New Stars of Magic Vol 1 No. 10 Presents Metalogic by Fred C. Baumann

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In this brilliant close-up routine an ordinary teaspoon, examined and marked by the audience, bends and then breaks.  The magician then does something that no spoon-bender, psychic or otherwise, can do; he restores the spoon visibly.  The restored spoon is then handed out for examination, and the marks may be verified. 

Now comes the sensational finish.  The magician takes back the spoon, holds it in one hand, and without cover causes the spoon to visibly bend.  Then, still with no cover, he causes the spoon to straighten.  The spoon is immediately tossed out for examination. 

Remember that the routine is done openly and visibly.  The audience sees the spoon bend and break, and they see the magician restore the spoon.  What sets this trick apart is the brilliant handling.  It can be done standing or seated; with spectators on all sides, because there are no angles or lapping moves to worry about.  In developing this routine, inventor Fred Baumann has brought to magic an elegant new close-up illusion.