Pyromania by TCC + Colin

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Whether in superhero movies or in video games, the power to manipulate fire is always one of the strongest abilities. In the world of Magic, fire is also one of the most eye-catching effects one can perform that instantly catches the attention of your audience.


The reason for this is that it appeals to our basic human desire to be able to wield control over nature.

Magicians have long created various fire magic props in order to demonstrate this fascinating effect of seemingly manipulating flames. This one will exceed your imagination.

Pyromania is a practical palm fire-breathing system developed by Colin, which allows you to emit flames up to 40cm (1.3 feet) tall from your palm. Unlike the traditional Fickle Fire, the palm will not feel any high temperature during the entire process.

A tiny spark can create a brilliant flame that burns for up to 10 seconds. In the end, the hands can be shown empty. There are no traces to be found.

The entire Pyromania device weighs only 40 grams, and the main body is only the size of a lighter. You can wear it all day long, and it only takes 3 seconds to set up prior to your performance.

No matter if it is on stage, parlor, or close-up street performance, Pyromania will instantly light up your audience!

The device has gone through thousands of safety tests for nearly two years. There is no danger as long as it is operated properly according to the instructions.



*THE PRODUCT USES FIRE. USE AT OWN RISK. There is always an element of danger when using fire. However, if used properly according to the instructions, it is safe.

*If you have thick hair on your arms, you might want to get a sports arm sleeve to protect them. (In some conditions, mostly because you didn't stop the fire correctly, you could bring a 1s of fire into the sleeve. After you have totally mastered it, it's not needed.)

*Pyromania uses Butane Gas Lighter Refill.



* Flame height: 40cm, Duration: 10s at full blast.

* Body is the size of a lighter: 7cm * 2.6 cm.

* Weight of the body: 40g, overall 50g.

* 10s to equip, 6s to refill, 3s on the spot setup.

* Clean, Covert, Portable.

* Thousands of tests in actual performance conditions over the course of two years. Safe and reliable.

* Can be performed at close range. Your hands can be shown empty after the effect.

* Includes main body + spare parts.

* The Tutorial includes detailed usage instruction and maintenance.

*Pyromania uses Butane Gas Lighter Refill.