About Us

Do you want to see the trick right in front of you before you buy it? Well come check out our storefront. 3 Generations of Magic’s grand opening was in June of 2010 and has grown to be one of the best brick and mortar stores across the world. Due to the amazing magic community we were able to open a second location and Seaport Village Magic Shop was born in November 2014. We have had many well known magicians stop by our store and give great reviews such as:

David Regal

Magic Creator and Television writer

“Wow this place is great, lots of great stuff!”

Joe Monti

Criss Angel’s Producer

“This place is awesome!! Definitely one of the best shopsI have ever seen”

Apollo Robbins

The Gentleman Thief

“This shop is great, glad to see some people still keeping the art of magic alive”


And many others that feel the same way such as Wayne Houchin, Bob Elliot, Howard Hamburg and so many more…

So if you want to check out what they are all ranting and raving about stop by.