Balloonatic - The Smaller Divers Lung Tester by O'Grady Creations - Trick

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The latest addition to the Pranking Line from O'Grady Creations! Balloonatic has been in development since 2016, based off the highly desirable and popular prank product: The Divers Lung Tester.

Balloonatic is a streamlined version of its predecessor, with less moving parts, whilst maintaining its old fashioned and curious appearance.

Presented in sleek, modern packaging, Balloonatic is made from the highest quality brass, machined to perfection with a secure screw top for ease of filling. The design purposefully hides those naughty outlet holes.

Balloonatic comes with detailed online instructions, as well as after-purchase ideas, shared by our community on our Facebook group.

Get ready to be a Balloonatic!!


"I still love the Divers Lung Tester, it is such a great prank, that I have two! One that sits on my shelf at home waiting for unsuspecting victims, the other in my car for me to take to friends' houses. Balloonatic is PERFECT for me to take this awesome prank out and about. I'll be carrying this everywhere!"
- Marc Lavelle


"Balloonatic is PERFECT for me to take this awesome prank out and about. I'll be carrying this everywhere"
- Marc Lavelle

"It's so great to finally see Balloonatic come to market. After seeing the initial drafts a couple of years ago, I know how long and hard Jordan has worked to ensure this is not only a stunning piece of kit, it's also simple to use (when you know how) and delivers a great cloud of dust in just the right place."
- Steve Rowe