Beach House Card Tricks (Vol 2) by Marc Davison - Book

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More . . . Beach House Card Tricks (Volume II) by R. Marc Davison, published in the US by Class LLC, Pawleys Island, SC 2020 - (printed in Canada) ISBN 978-1-950768-61-5

This is the second and companion volume to Beach House Card Tricks Volume I. This is the latest collection of over 100 tricks resulting from screening more than 2800 tricks from 45 text sources, vintage and contemporary, as well as many tricks from online performers. While Volume I had great material, this volume is even better. As with the initial volume, most of the tricks are impromptu, many self-working, none require complex sleights, and all of them produce great effects! The chapter format is similar to Volume I but a new chapter has been added on tricks with cards and dice. This book is not intended to make you a card master, rather its purpose is to provide some of the greatest tricks available that most folks can do (some requiring a little practice), all with great effects, that will impress and entertain family and friends. Many of these tricks have been performed professionally in the past. These are not cheesy dime-store tricks. This is the perfect book for the vacation/beach house when someone "pulls out the cards." You will not be disappointed! If you already own Volume I, you will definitely want a copy of the companion Volume II.

This is a high-quality book with high-quality content. 158 pages, 6 x 9, hard back, fabric cover, quality paper, and color photographs, shrink wrapped.