Blockbuster (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Bill Abbott - Trick

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"Blockbuster has been my go-to card routine when I want to make the STRONGEST magical impression on an audience. It's an OPENER and a CLOSER all in one.
Blockbuster has an instant connection with an engaging premise that people respond to immediately, has four applause/reaction cues and builds to the kicker ending that can generate screams!
It contains enough flexibility that you can work it at cocktail receptions in your hands, at a banquet hall full of tables or for a large group in a formal parlour setting. AND it can work for any age group, from sophisticated cocktail parties to kids shows!
One of the advantages of the Blockbuster methodology is in its simplicity. There's a force which is in the reach of any novice magician, and a double lift - and that's it!
I carry two gaffed decks of cards at any paid gig. One of them is my Invisible Pro Deck and the other is Blockbuster. Because it's just that good.
The only drawback with that nothing can follow it!"

- Bill Abbott


Is an OPENER and a CLOSER all in one.

Is FOUR magical effects where the single chosen playing cards and inevitably the whole deck is completely transformed.

Performable in the hands for walk-around, at a formal banquet table and for large groups in a parlour situation.

Especially great for cocktail receptions where guests don't a have a free hand to hold cards or props, as it can ALL happen in the performers hands.

Works for any age group, including children!

Ends with examinable cards that the audience is encouraged and grab and inspect.

Has a 3 second reset between performances, so you can repeat it again and again all night long.

Blockbuster Pro Pack Includes:
  • Three specially printed revelation cards.
  • One full deck of blank faced cards.
  • Instructional Video with Three LIVE Performances (instantly available to stream and/or download)