Blow Hard by Ryan Plunkett

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The classic light/heavy illusion has never been this fun! With twists and turns along the way, this is an effect that your audience will never forget. Ryan has performed Blow Hard to audiences, both intimate and large, making it the perfect gem that packs small but plays huge!

“It’s rare to see an illusion as visceral as Blow Hard. This one’s not just fooling. This one gets audible gasps.” - Michael Feldman

“Blow Hard has one of those rare moments in magic that sneaks up on you and then kicks you in the head.” - Brent Braun

“Blow Hard starts as a silly sight gag and quickly transforms into a surreal piece of hard-hitting magic. A rare combo on the market that I love to see!” - Kyle Littleton

Here is what your audience will see

You begin by showing a classic wooden toy to your audience – a wooden pipe and a styrofoam ball. You then blow air through the toy pipe, causing the ball to float in the air as if by “magic.” As your audience chuckles, you grab and tap the ball with the wooden toy. The ball seems to be solid, unlike styrofoam. You then drop the ball to the ground, startling the audience when a loud BANG is heard as the ball hits the floor. Next, the ball slowly morphs into a light, delicate, REAL egg! Finally, you crack the egg into a glass and watch as the audience is blown away by the series of events that just happened!

Easy to Perform

High-Quality Props

Perfect for All Audiences

Just Pure Fun!

With Blow Hard, you will receive the necessary parts to perform the effect. (You will need to provide your own egg and glass.) Ryan has created an excellent piece of magic with moments that will bring your audience pure joy. If you are looking for something a little different to add to your show, Blow Hard is the perfect fit.

Now is the time for you to Blow Hard!

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Credit goes out to Nick Diffatte. During production, we discovered that Nick had worked on the same concept years prior: the light/heavy ball with a Blow Toy. Although unpublished, credit is due to Nick for his original effect.