Bubble Gum Playing Cards

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Bubble Gum Playing Cards - a deck of cards reminiscent of your favorite childhood bubble gum. This deck was designed with magicians, cardists, and card players in mind: featuring a traditional cut and magical gaff cards for magicians, and eye-catching colors that look beautiful in motion for cardists. Also perfect for the game players who want a fun, non-traditional deck to use. The cards themselves have been recolored to reflect the blue/pink colors on the back, and small additions have been made to the court cards to incorporate the bubble gum theme - see if you can spot them all. Features
  • Printed at USPCC on premium (Bee) stock
  • Limited run of 1111 decks
  • Traditionally cut
  • Double backer
  • Joker with a reveal
  • Recolored faces
  • Court cards modified to include a gum element
  • Duplicate 5 of hearts with the wrapper missing on the back design