CHRISTMAS FUSION by Magic and Trick Defma - Trick

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The Funny Silks Collection are silks with unique and exclusive designs of magic and trick, they can be used in different ways and with different props (thumb tip, various kinds of change bags, Z bag, etc.) or without them (like the card silk routine).

They are made from a resistant and manageable material which can be compressed for different uses

  • One silk with Santa Claus (14,5" x 11")
  • One silk with Rudolph Reindeer (14,5" x 11")
  • One silk with a fusion between Santa Claus and Rudolph (14,5" x 11")
  • One silk with Santa Claus in his sleigh with Rudolph together (14,5" x 11")
  • Online instructions
Show a silk with Santa and a different one with Rudolph on it, and tell the audience they have to put them TOGETHER.

Then, with a magic gesture, they BLEND TOGETHER into one (¡a very funny and hilarious ending!).

But now, to correct the mistake, they shout ¡Merry Christmas! and for the great finale we see Rudolph pulling Santa's sleigh on the silk.