Deluxe Diabolical Die Box (Merlins Premier Range) by Merlins Magic - Trick

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The magician exhibits a beautifully turned round hardwood box and three regular dice.

The spectator is allowed to roll the dice several times to satisfy the audience that the dice are indeed regular dice. Holding the open box behind his back the magician turns away from the spectators. The magician will not see the dice again until the very end of the routine. The spectator shakes the dice and drops them into the box, totals the numbers on the dice and writes it down. Keeping the box behind his back the magician replaces the lid and shakes the box causing the dice to rattle around inside.< Keeping the box behind his back the magician lifts the lid to allow the spectator to see the dice, again the spectator totals the numbers on the dice and writes it down.

Once more the lid is replaced and the box shaken. The lid is removed and the dice are cast upon the table, the spectator records the total number on the dice and then adds up all three recorded numbers to arrive at a grand total. The magician is instantly able to call the number that the spectator is thinking of. The effect can be instantly repeated. The Diabolical Die Box is our tribute to the Eli's Die Box made by Thayer's in the early 1920s. There has been many versions over the years made from different materials and in different shapes, styles and sizes. We wanted ours to honor the original Thayer model and the wood turners art. Please note the picture may not match the wood as we use different types to manufacture this but will be a hardwood.